"What do you say to a girl wearing truth serum?"

"What do you say to a girl wearing truth serum?"

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“Write a letter to someone or some entity with whom you have had a disagreement”


Dear Entities of the perfume ads—

I don’t know why I’m writing you really, since you won’t be reading this anyway. My image  is not acceptable. You do not recognize it.

Where I fit on your demographic profile is not my reality. I am not a brand. I am not a number, or an algorithm, a statistic, a marketing category. I am not your target audience.  Does that make any  sense?

You could search for  me on Google maps. You could check my wish list on Amazon. You can track my movements on Ventra. You know my reward points at Walgreens.

I am not a number. I can’t check your boxes. I am none of the above.

In a reality of images and selfies, I exist as words in air. You could probably delete me.  But I’m not there.

I’m already gone.  All those places you overlook. I am not your target audience. I’m just a twist of smoke.



Was this the face of a thousand campaigns for vodka and aftershave?

eyes on all the billboards overlooking the expressway


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  • We are indeed invisible to advertisers! Great post.

  • Thanks for reading, Kathy! This one was outside the box, for sure.

  • I don't think we are all invisible to advertisers, or they wouldn't be wasting the money on the ads. They do have focus groups.

    It also must make some difference to some consumers that J Lo or Jennifer Aniston endorses some perfume or clothing line.

    It probably isn't any different for men's products. I don't think that the reason I am here is Miller Lite or Lite Beer from Miller or whatever they called it then. Nor that beer is going to get one a hot chick, as the ad states. Probably not "It's Just Lunch," either. I'm not going to pay an extra $150 for a Derrick Rose athletic shoe, but somebody will.

    Also, we aren't in that demographic. Have you noticed how many gray hair people are in ads during the 5:30 news for such things as prescription drugs for painful intercourse? That is, of course, if the male subject doesn't have ED.

    But I always figured that any business that is reliant on my patronage is in big trouble.

  • Thanks for reading, Jack. Your comments always appreciated--Solid and real. Thank you for reading my airy nothings.

    It was supposed to be a fun exercise, thinking outside the box.

    For sure, we are all being targeted. I was having fun with the idea of being a moving target--there are advantages to not being seen.... Also, a riff on the Prisoner.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Probably on a more concrete level, my father once sent Proctor and Gamble a letter about why they quit making a certain flavor of Pringles. They sent him coupons, but didn't bring back the flavor.

    But as to moving targets, maybe the manufacturers are a moving target. For instance, I can't now find a replacement for a kitchen cart that rusted.

    But as far as whether they know where your fleeting visage is, you can bet that anything associated with Facebook does, which is why I don't associate with it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Excellent points, Jack. I agree with what you say. This may require another post.

    No money in poetry, someone said. No poetry in money, either. Except maybe in perfume ads which can be the most evocative...

  • Well done! I often wonder why I have such luck finding coupons for things I have no intention of buying, then no luck finding them for things I want to buy. I guess I'm hiding all right as well.

  • Thanks for reading! yes, when I can find a coupon for something I would actually buy, it's like winning the lottery--but I can always use batteries. And now is the time to stock up on school supplies....

    You know that TZ episode you can't watch because it's just too scarey? "The Circle" is like that for me.

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