The Other Side of Blogging--Other Blogs I Like to Read

The other side of writing is reading, and you dear readers, are part of this blog I write, about weather and other things.  Words are the bridge that connects us. Thank you for reading!

This blog is part of a community of blogs here on ChicagoNow. Today, I would lke to share with you  some other writers whose work I like to read. Let’s do a blog tour, shall we?

First stop is The Quark in the Road, written by Aquinas Wired.  His  blog can be found in “News Opinion” section, and his interests are far-ranging–history, math, music, physics, philosophy, everything from current events and movies to poetry.  Check out his archives, where you can find his posts on famous birthdays–one, and sometimes two,  a day– for an entire year!  It’s  a remarkable achievement. Each is a work of art.

Next is Quilting! Sewing! Creating! by Kathy Mathews. Kathy writes about quilting and many other things. She writes about life–the winter coats needed to survive a Chicago winter–the cars and colors of Cuba–the Quilt Project for mothers of  kids lost to gun violence–what it means to be a teacher, and more. Her posts are always interesting and she has such a positive attitude and sense of humor.  Will you read it , too?  Please say yes!

Ray Salazar writes The White Rhino in the Education section. Ray is a high school English teacher. He also teaches writing.  Ray covers real issues facing students and teachers in the Chicago public schools, especially in the Latino community. His perspective is clear and  no nonsense.  Check out his blog and you’ll also see why he’s won awards and  his writing has been heard on NPR  and Chicago Public Radio.

Howard Moore writes I’ve got the Hippy Shakes in the Health and Wellness section. His beat is sometimes really serious–he writes about Parkinson’s Disease. He also writes about  music and pop culture and everyday struggles in life. Howard  has a  wonderful spirit and a great sense of humor.  And he loves hockey. Hat trick!

Next  stop is Ups and Downs Of A Yoga Mom by Beth. Yoga practice and mindful living enrich all her posts, and I encourage you to explore her blog for healthy recipes, too. She’s also doing a series “How Quickly They Change”  photographing her two children, one day a week–stopped for a moment in time. You can see the kids changing, and the seasons, too.  It is really a beautiful series.

You might also like  Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow  by Bill Mayeroff.  The name of his blog comes from a song by his favorite Celtic punk band, The Tossers.  Bill also likes roller derby, the White Sox, tattoos, dogs and good beers.  He has a background in journalism, and  he is an amazing writer!  He always writes  about things in a clear and honest way, whatever the topic may be–even how he doesn’t want to write a book.

The  newest blog  is Margaret Serious by Margaret H. Laing.  Margaret  writes about words and music, language and  books–all with wit and style.  And she loves hockey!  She’s such a fine writer, it’s no surprise she’s so good at blogging as well.  Would you believe she just started in July?

Well, that’s the tour.  There are so many other great writers and interesting blogs, it’s hard not to mention more. So I encourage you to explore the ChicagoNow site, and see who else is out there.

And I hope you will continue reading here, too.  The weather’s constantly changing,  and I try to keep it interesting.  See you next time…



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  • Many thanks for the kind words. I enjoy reading your work, too!

  • Thank you for reading--and writing! Much appreciated.

  • WG, I'm flattered and honored by your complimentary inclusion of my humble blog. Now the pressure is really on. Just kidding.

    BTW, I agree there are so many wonderful ChicagoNow writers to read. And you're right there at the top of my list.

    Now get to work and write something about all this rain. We got 3.6 inches in one hour at Midway. And in nearby Burbank, the streets were flooded. What gives, my friend?

  • Great list!

  • In reply to Shannan Younger:

    Thank you, Shannon--and thanks for writing Tween Us, too.

  • You are too nice to me!

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