Tornadoes Touch Down in Tazewell County

Sunday,  Chicago had unseasonably mild temperatures, and some wild weather!

You know there’s trouble when the Chicago Weather Center Severe Weather Blog is activated.  There was heavy rain, thunder, lightning, hail, flooding, high wind warnings, and wind gusts over 60 mph.

The Bears game was delayed due to severe weather. Fortunately, the Stadium full of people did not have to be completely evacuated.

As I write this, the game is being played. The Bears are winning in the 4th quarter.  High wind warnings continue, and the winds are swirling around Soldier Field. (Update–Bears win in Overtime.)

The storm front  has passed into Indiana. For a moment, the sun was shining, here.

Downstate Illinois was hard hit by the storms. Coal City, in Grundy County, was hit by  a tornado.  Tornadoes touched down in Tazewell County, southwest of Chicago. Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin and Roanoke are reporting tornado sightings,  power outages  and  damage.

Hardest hit is the town of Washington, IL (which is just east of Peoria).  A tornado left parts of the town almost completely flattened  in a matter of minutes.

Here is the Washington, Il  Facebook  page, with pictures and information on how to help.  Here is the report from the Peoria-Journal Star.

First responders, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, are already on the scene.  Any donations to these agencies would also aid in the recovery.

Damage reports keep coming in, and I will be back with  updates….


Monday Update–Sunday’s severe weather is front page news. Full coverage in Chicago Tribune.  They are reporting possibly 80 tornadoes, an EF-2 tornado struck Coal City, and 6 fatalities from the storms.


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  • The freaky things I noted (some after the fact):

    1. It seems like all major TV stations except Channel 2.1 called in all their meteorologists. Channel 5.1 had 3 on air and claimed to have all 5 in the storm center.

    2. There was some debate between the stations whether the tornado cell would head in the direction of Naperville and downtown, or stay south and head into Indiana. It did the latter.

    3. However, the later reports of sightings indicated that the tornado blew out just at the Cook County line in Tinley Park.

    4. After the sun came out about 2:15, it seemed like everyone ignored that the back circulation around the low was bringing in more rain at about 4:00.

    But it is sure different to have all those Doppler and 3D storm views available, compared to when, say, tornadoes did hit Tinley Park and Oak Lawn.

    Finally, I wonder whether they just should have scheduled the game for 3:25.

  • Thanks for reading, Jack! Hope you are OK.
    Yes, there were two waves of storms, here.
    Reports of damages and power outages in Indiana, as well.
    Conflicting reports on how many tornadoes there were, and the intensity of the tornado that hit Washington, Il.
    (EF-4 or EF-5?) but the extent of the damage is shocking.
    ABC7 reporting 5 fatalities.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    It looked like there were three storms today (not counting overnight thunderstorms):

    1. On a SW-NE line, with the tornado at the south end, but first extending into the northern suburbs before it hit the city. The sun was out about 10:30 a.m., so I went grocery shopping, but it sure looked dark at 11:15 to the west, so I went home, and it hit at noon.

    2. There was the second line, which was essentially N-S, which hit most of the Chicago area at about 1:45.

    3. The wraparound at 4:00. Again, I went out on an errand about 3:15, but saw the weather deteriorate shortly thereafter.

    The barometer on my wall went below 29.00. But I guess that's what happens when the temperature goes to 69 and then has about 30 degree weather behind it. At least it wasn't like a similar temperature drop I went through in western NY, with 3 feet of snow to go with it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you, Jack, for your observations.
    Sorry not to reply sooner. Technical difficulties with the computer network. I had to set it up all over again....

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