What Trees Can Teach Us

Trees keep their own time. Days of sun, days of rain.  Trees are like the earth’s lungs, breathing in and out.

All summer, the trees have been singing the song of leaves. It is a green song, a chlorophyll song.  Photosynthesis converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, their gift to us. We couldn’t live without them!

We live among trees, even in the city. We walk in their beauty and the shade their leaves provide.  On a hot sunny day it can be 20 degrees cooler under trees.

In a way, we  live in treehouses!  There is the warmth of wood floors, tables and chairs, the assurance of wooden doors.

Wood is the memory of trees. Tree rings are a record  of weather and light,  a language of time and change.

All summer the trees have been singing, the sound of their leaves like rain. The creaking of branches, doors opening.

Powerful thunderstorms blew through on Friday with 70+ mph wind gusts, knocking down branches and power lines. Trees were bent over and shaking in the wind. There were train delays and power outages. A tree fell, crushing a car.  There was damage from the storm.

Trees can teach us about  uncertainty, resilience and impermanence.  How suddenly things can change, how subtlly the summer passes!  Here and there already, yellow leaves on the sidewalk.  Autumn is coming.

September begins with more thunderstorms in the forecast, followed by cool Canadian air.

At this moment, the sky is clear and blue. Sunight is shining through the  leaves like stained glass in a cathedral. There is no word for that color, the color of light through green leaves….




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  • Beautifully written with a few lyrical touches. 20 degrees cooler under a tree? Good reason to sit under one, except during a thunderstorm, of course. Everyone, I guess, has their own experiences with trees. Recently I ,no dendrologist, picked some seed pods from one; they were shaped like golf balls. I left them in the car and forgot about them for a few days. They had split when I noticed them again. And voila! I thought I had picked chestnuts. Turns out, after I googled, they were horse chestnuts and poisonous. A type of poison used to kill rats too. It always pays to be informed.

    Nice post, WG.

  • AW-- Thank you very much! You are so kind and encouraging. I'm glad you didn't think this post was a waste of time. Yes, I would like to write more about trees, more facts, next time...

    I like that you were curious about those seed pods. Some do look like space aliens! (take a look at sweetgum seeds sometime) Horse chestnuts?! Rat poison, but also medicinal uses, including tumor suppression, tested on rats. How about that...

    Thanks again.

  • Well said once again, Weather Girl. No wonder you like curiosity -- you feed it! Many thanks!

  • In reply to MargaretSerious:

    My Dear Ms.Serious, thank YOU.

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