Sweet Light All Day

This September light is golden, sweet light all day.  If this is weather in Paradise, this must be  the light of heaven.

Ordinary things are transformed in the clarity of this light–even the dust on the hardwood floors. Everything seems more luminous, taking on an aspect of eternity. Pouring milk in coffee becomes an act of grace.

In this light, we all look like Vermeers! You  can feel the light in you, shining through you like a leaf, that brilliant, nameless green.

It’s a  glorious day to be outside. Look! Butterflies on the milkweed in the alley. A broken ladder has turned into a trellis for purple morning glories. All over the sidewalks, maple seeds have fallen among the first colored leaves.

In the produce section, it’s overflowing with abundance–carrots, tomatoes, eggplants,  green beans, kale.  Shoppers move slowly by the  cucumbers and watermelons. There are fresh figs, today!  And jumbo pumpkins! There are piles of pears. And so many different kinds of apples,  all with the crisp smell of fall.

Baseball on the radio, there is the poignancy of season’s ending. Talking about next year in the afternoon.

In photography, they talk about the golden hour  (which is more like 30 minutes)  just before sunset and just after sunrise, when the light is most intense.  This is the sweet light, ephemeral and elusive.  Days like this are filled with that light, sweet light all day.




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