How to write a blog post in one hour


In one hour, this post will be written and published.That’s the deadline, and I respect it. Here’s my advice to anyone who’s attempting to do the same.

1. You CAN do it!

2. Learn to type. Go back in time to high school, and take that typing class.

3. Take that typing class again.

4. Take that typing class until you pass it.

5. Get a decent work table –A card table in a basement is not the bohemian alternative.

6. Respect the work.

7. Respect the tools–don’t let the cat sit on the laptop.

8. Respect the cat, too–feed him, NOW!

9. Stay positive-despair is not an option.

10. Much can be said in a half-hour. Remember Rod Serling?

11. Remember that much can be said in a few well-chosen words.

12. Write the words.

13. Write first, edit later.

14. Keep writing.

15. Write some more.

16. Write every day.

17. Stay curious.

18. Stay hungry.

19. Keep writing.

20. Allow for technical difficulties, what if the computer crashes. (Which it did!)

21. Feed the cat, again.

22. Edit.

23. Finish.

24. Publish.

25. Done!




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  • What if you don't have a cat? That in itself will save you 15 minutes.

  • True, that! And, they love to play at night. Timing is everything.....

    Not to mention other interruptions. The person from Porlock can come calling at any time!

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