Fall for Eggplant

Eggplant is THE  color now. It’s harvest season, and the eggplants are ripe and plentiful at groceries and farmers’ markets. Aren’t they beautiful?

Yes, tasty, too.  Eggplants are used in many cuisines, familiar dishes such as eggplant parmesan, ratatouille, eggplant creole and baba ghanouj. Try this great recipe for steamed eggplant with turmeric from fellow blogger Yoga Mom for an incredibly easy and delicious way to enjoy eggplant this season.

Maybe one look at all those inspiring eggplants makes you want to grow your own. Me, too!  Yes, next year.

Even as the regular baseball season is ending, and fans (of  non-contending teams at least) start thinking about next year, gardeners think about next year, too.  It’s true, I have planted crocus bulbs while listening to the Cubs on the radio,  thinking that the next time I would hear them again, the crocuses would be blooming.

The point is, next-year’s garden begins in your dreams, today. Now is the time to start planning.

Eggplants are relatively easy to grow. Like tomatoes and peppers, they do like warm weather, and lots of sun. If you have a sunny spot, you can grow eggplants. Unlike watermelon, zucchini and pumpkins, they don’t  need  alot of space.  Some varieties can even be grown in containers!

They are a good choice for late starters (like me), too. If you are one of those people who can’t quite manage to get the garden plot ready for cold-weather (spring) crops like spinach, or start seeds indoors under grow lights, don’t despair.  Late May is not too late. For eggplants, your timing couldn’t be better.

After Memorial Day the ground is just getting warm enough for eggplants. You can find  them  already-started  at garden centers, ready to grow all summer.

And all summer,  there are these  lovely purple or lavender  blossoms followed by  glossy purple eggplants ripening in the sun. Maybe it’s time  to fall for them, again. This is the season.



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  • I've never had luck growing eggplants - I wish I had a bunch in my yard! I'm glad you loved the recipe - so good and easy!

  • Hello and thanks for reading! I think the Japanese "ichiban" eggplants are easier to grow than the big European ones. Worth trying if you have a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun....Maybe my backyard is too shady, now, but I would like to grow them, again.

    Thanks again for sharing the recipe. I did use the big eggplant, and it was delicious! I think it would be tasty with the Japanese eggplants, too.

  • I'm glad I looked in. My mother used to cook eggplant dishes. Polish cuisine. The French for 'eggplant' is 'aubergine'. Sounds more appetizing to me. Nice post, WG.

  • Thanks, AW, for stopping by. Eggplants or aubergines (yes, a lovely name), they are quite tasty, though it seems many people don't like them. How did your mother prepare them? Could you share the recipes?

    Thanks again.

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    WG, I have to be honest with you. Most of us---there were six---didn't share her taste, though I never remember actually trying it, probably due to some irrational disinclination to eat a vegetable so off the beaten path. Sad to say, she's passed and never left a recipe ,at least with me , probably for that very reason.

    I'm going on retreat this weekend. With my spiritual antennae turned up maybe mom will let me know.

  • Maybe it's an acquired taste. My late husband (German descent) didn't care for it, either, until he tried ratatouille.

    Indeed, this is a spiritual time of year, we especially think of our loved ones, in this light.

    Peace be with you.

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