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Glorious weather, continues, here. It’s the peak of vacation and tourist season, and this is the place to be. Despite the many problems here in Chicago, at the moment, the weather is not one of them.

Those of you with air-conditioning, think how much you’re saving!

Even insomniacs enjoy these cool nights and good sleeping weather.

Perhaps, like me, you sometimes dream of faraway places—-imaginary voyages—-because let’s face it,  travel is expensive, cruise ships are disasters waiting to happen, and flying is no longer very much fun.

Armchair travel is fine, but what if you don’t have an armchair?  A seat on the Blue Line to O’Hare will do, or the Orange Line to Midway. These days, the trains run everywhere.  So, let’s be somewhere else, now. Where shall we go first?

According to, here’s the weather around the world—

First stop, Paris—Tops on the dream list for many people. Think of the museums, the fashions, the cafes, the bookstores with cats in the windows. In Paris, it’s sunny and 73, today—and tomorrow, 74 sunny and beautiful degrees. Clear, cool evenings, better bring a jacket.

Rome—Another dream destination. Today, it’s hot,  hazy and humid.  Thunderstorms on Thursday, highs in the 90’s. Sultry!  Pack that breezy sundress.

Barcelona—For those who dream of Sunny Spain,  it’s in the 80’s there–84, feels like 86, partly sunny and pleasant. Sounds just about perfect to me!

London—If you’d prefer swinging London, let’s see– low 70’s, with a chance of rain. That jacket would come in handy, there. Don’t forget an umbrella!

Reykjavik—The land of Bjork and volcanoes, Iceland has always fascinated me. It’s a little cool, today–54, feels like 48. Rain and drizzle overnight. Take the jacket, the umbrella—and a sweater or a hoodie.

Cairo—It’s evening,now–88 and clear.  In my dream Cairo, the moon would be  beautiful over the pyramids. In the real Cairo, tomorrow will be sunny, highs in the 90’s–the political situation is really heating up, too!

Nairobi—It’s raining in Nairobi tonight. Tomorrow, 78 and more thunderstorms predicted.

Sydney—It’s late winter in Sydney. Pleasant and breezy, sunny  68.

Mexico City—Tropical pattern for  the next few days, highs in the high 70’s, thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Galapagos Islands—It’s rainy season in the Galapagos Islands, too. High humidity and thunderstorms.

Bangkok—It’s hotter than Thai curry, high humidity, temps in the 90’s, more clouds and rain…

Tokyo—Already tomorrow in Tokyo, the heat wave of  90’s+ days continues. Possible thunderstorm Monday may provide some relief.

Well, here’s my stop– Chicago.  Time to be here, now!



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  • With regard to Cairo, Dr. Joe Sobel says that there is a 30% chance of permanent lead poisoning.

    Mexico City sounds cooler (temperature wise) than here; and from Internet sources that sounds about right. Apparently it doesn't get Texas's 100s.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    Yes, the political situation in Cairo is really serious. I do not mean to make light of it!

    Mexico City does have a higher elevation, which keeps it from getting really hot, but being in a valley (on a high plateau) there’s a real problem with air pollution….

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