Please Dress for the Weather

This is a public service announcement.  I’ll keep  it short and simple, I know your time is valuable, and why bore others needlessly?

Please dress for the weather! The  five-day forecast is not just for old farmers (although according to Pew Research Center, interest in the weather does skew older). We all share this weather here–it’s reality!  Maybe  it’s a different reality for each of us, but I won’t go into that now.

Don’t you have a weather app on that phone of yours you’re paying so much attention to? Well, please use it.

Oh, I know you’re more than ready for warm weather, and you can’t wait to wear those new shorts and tank tops, cute little mini skirts, flip-flops.  I know how wonderful it feels, those first balmy days, the breeze on bare skin. It’s spring and all, and you want to look good, there is a certain urgency.

Who cares about the temperature?

And now you’re complaining about the weather, how cold it is!   This is what happens when you dress for the calendar, not reality–your calendar, by the way, your calendar that says it’s May and who needs a coat, anymore.

Well, the warm days are coming again, believe it.  This chill is ephemeral, it won’t last, even if there are frost warnings for the weekend.

In fact, there’s a big warm-up coming in a couple of days. Can you wait until Tuesday?

In the meantime, flip-flop people, please wear socks. And a jacket. Don’t forget the hoodie! It’s cooler by the lake, you know. Trust me, you’ll look beautiful.

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  • Well said, Weather Girl... "beautiful" in a Chicago spring means "prepared." Serious Up (but you probably knew I'd say that).

  • In reply to MargaretSerious:

    Thank you very much, Ms. Serious--for reading, and commenting.
    GO HAWKS!!!!! You know what to wear.....

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