How To Mix Your Own Spring Cocktail

This one’s for you, Chicago. Enjoy…..

First, assemble ingredients—

  • start with  lots of sun
  • blue sky
  • okay, maybe a few puffy clouds for interest
  • fresh breeze
  • 78 degrees
  • lilacs blooming
  • light through leaves
  •  violets in the grass
  • and dandelions, of course!
  • t-shirts, shorts and sneakers
  • or that outfit you’ve been waiting to wear
  • a bicycle, if you  have one
  • don’t forget the baby strollers
  • yellow dogs sleeping in the sun
  • cats rolling on the sidewalks
  • birds singing
  • music–your choice
  • music from passing cars
  • music from open windows
  • open windows
  • lunch outside
  • walking outside
  • just being outside
  • saying hello to people
  • people  smiling at you

Optional–green lights at the corners, a train pulling into the station just as you get there, a bus right at your stop

Garnish with a passing convertible, an ice-cream truck in the park

Add the sound of  a push reel mower, the smell of fresh-cut grass,  blooming  lily-of-the valley , the lingering light in the evening

Feel free to combine as you please, with anything else you can think of.

Listen to the song of the leaves.

Shake, stir, savor  the moment.  Drink to the summer to come.

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