A Classic Raincoat is Good to Find

A Classic Raincoat is Good to Find

Yes, it’s the rainy season, and we all need adequate rainwear. What could be more classic than the trench coat? Doesn’t it convey a certain air of mystery, intrigue, glamour?

This is the raincoat of choice for secret agents and private detectives, foreign correspondents— people on a mission.

When I worked for a law firm on LaSalle Street, most everybody was wearing a trench coat. It was the business uniform for both men and women. How many of  these bankers and attorneys imagined themselves as someone with a life more adventurous than property descriptions, loans and bond issues?

I, too, had a thrift-shop version, army drab–with a belt and epaulettes! My late husband called it “The Walter Cronkite Coat, ”  and even though it was a man’s coat and didn’t fit me all that well, I still felt  like  a reporter in Paris, or Dana Scully on the X-Files.

There’s a Vogue feature on the latest examples of this timeless classic.  In case you missed it, you can see them here.  Warning—these are  VERY expensive!

If this is the style for you, you don’t have to spend all your money. There are  versions in many stores, online, even thrift shops. You, too, can have that timeless look, and maybe a little adventure.

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