Rain Delay

We enter the severe weather season with thunderstorms and  high winds early this morning overturning semis in Ogle County.

This evening, in the cold and damp, a green mist of opening buds on the lilac bushes, and  two rabbits almost the same color as the brown leaves.

The Cubs second night game is cancelled due to the cold  weather, which is really not surprising. But now comes the question, what to do in the rain delay?

I highly recommend the video clips of the Fermilab Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar on wgntv.com. Well worth watching. So well done!  No, there won’t be a test later, but  you’ll know what NOAA and NWS are, and what they do.

Alternatively, check out these amazing photos of lightning in Chicago, thanks to Red Eye.

Zip up your hoodies and  be prepared. There’s a severe-storm watch until 2 am and more thunderstorms heading our way, tonight.

As for me,  I will be working on my next post–Dr. Louis Uccellini, and his presentation on Superstorm Sandy. I may have to take the laptop down to the basement!

Until next time….


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