After the Deluge

This is not the post I was going to write.

I was going to write about  the rain, of course–what else would you expect from Weather Girl?  Well, there’s a difference between April showers, and way too much rain—which is what we had overnight.

Good news–the drought is over. “Enough rain in one night for two Aprils,” according to Tom Skilling.

Also, not too much chance for tornadoes, which we can all agree is a good thing, as it is also tornado season. (But that’s for another post.)

Bad news–sinkholes,  streets flooding. High standing water.   You’ve seen the pictures by Rick Lobes. You can find his coverage  here.  That’s a stellar reporting  job!

My story’s a little different. What a lovely  gurgling fountain greeted me  this morning.  How lively and vibrant!  I’ve often thought about putting in  a water feature—just not in the basement.

This is the opportunity to discover what really matters. Good coffee. Good neighbors. Flashlights. Boots. Pants with lots of pockets.

Old scuba gear? An empty aquarium?  Not so much.  Scrap lumber, maybe for a raft or something. Turns out the most useful thing in the basement  at that moment was an old roasting pan to catch the stream  running under the window.

Things could have been  much worse–my next-door neighbors had  a swimming pool!  There’s a lake in their backyard, too. Over 20 years living  in South Oak Park, and no flooding–before now. Not even in 2011, when the Blue Line and  the expressway shut down.

And it’s way worse  in other places.  If  you may be dealing with a flooded basement, I’m with you.  I  hope  you don’t have boxes of books to move, or soggy carpeting.

What a day!  We learned about sump-pumps and  hoses and wet-dry vacs. Who knew I had such a thing?

Yes, in the event of severe weather, it is important to be prepared.  That’s what I was going to write about, but first I have to finish cleaning out the basement.



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  • Hang in there, Weather Girl! Apres le deluge, vous!
    (That's "after the flood, you." You were expecting something less serious from moi?)

  • Thank you, MargaretSerious! Serious flooding along Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. Post to follow.....

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