Snow Days


HIROSHIGE---Travellers on Horseback in the Snow

HIROSHIGE—Travellers on Horseback in the Snow

Tuesday, Snow Day!  Snow falling for hours, covering bare branches and evergreens, so incredibly beautiful. It’s like a Japanese print out there, and the traffic on the expressway sounds like the rushing of a river. Our contemporary, urban life seems far away.

Time stops. Except for the internet, traffic updates and flight cancellations,  it could be a scene from another time, another  world.   A softer, rounder world, a world  without sidewalks and driveways.
It could be the snow of Hiroshige. A world without  snowplows.  A world the color of snow.


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  • River rushing white,
    Softer scenes, another time:
    Hiroshige snow.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    A perfect haiku...thank you.

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