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Literary Links

Zach Dodson gives a comprehensive look at the pub crawl that is the live Chicago literary landscape. Mike O’Connell interviewed on Busted Mouth. An interview with Sally Weigel. A double dose of James Tadd Adcox “Three Letters from Robert Kloss” and “(…)“. Ghost Ocean 6 Sunday Salon is back and featured on Outside The Loop.... Read more »


  Zach Dodson is a designing genius. His latest invention is “Storigami“. Here is how the Featherproof site explains it, “In the spirit of featherproofexperimentation, we’ve decided to try a new sort of mini-book – the origami sort. These take quite a bit longer to construct, and a little more effort on the part of... Read more »

The Universe in Miniature in Miniature Release Party

  Leave it to Zach Dodson and the Featherproof team to design a book that can actually be turned into a mobile. The Universe in Miniature in Miniature is the latest collection from Patrick Sommervile, and if you attend the release party tonight at The Hideout you will learn how to turn you copy into... Read more »

Public Works 2: Speaker Night #2

  Public Works is a weekly speaking event that features the movers and shakers in the arts and culture community. This Friday’s event (8/20) will feature a talk from Zach Dodson among others. Zach is the man behind the design of each of the Featherproof releases, and plans to talk about the evolution in design... Read more »

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

It’s a fact that the internet loves lists and there have been several interesting literary lists surfacing over the last few weeks. The most relevant to this site would be New City’s Lit 50. The list is a who’s who of Chicago lit and features the names of 50 of the top movers and shakers... Read more »

Torn Pages Opening Event

It seems fitting that the opening night of the first Torn Pages event would be so close to Valentine’s Day. The concept of curator Josh Lucas, the show effectively married two creative worlds, art and literature. The result was an exciting event that began to build a bridge across the two Chicago scenes. What was... Read more »

Torn Pages Event @ OHNO!Doom

An event that is almost a full year in the making is final going to be a reality as curator Josh Lucas and OHNO!Doom Gallery team up for the first Torn Pages Show. The concept is to combine a handful of the city’s best writers and with a selection of the city’s brightest young artists.... Read more »