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.  Writers, listen up! ChiWriMo, the Chicago chapter of NaNoWriMo, is raffling off this sexy, sexy poster to whomevah donates a small amount of cash at a ChiWriMo event. It would look stunning in my house. I’m just saying. Check out the ChiWriMo calendar to find events. How we doin’, WriMos? Plugging away? What’s the... Read more »

NaNoWriMo: Who's up for National Novel Writing Month?

NaNoWriMo– National Novel Writing Month, that is– is right around the corner and I really encourage you to sign up today and participate through the month of November with thousands of other writers. In fact, let’s all sign up and talk each other through it, shall we? Since my first novel came out in 2006,... Read more »

Guest post: Online tools for readers and writers with Leah Jones, Natiiv Arts & Media founder

On the heels of this week’s literary smackdown over at ChicagoTribune.com, please welcome special guest Leah Jones of Natiiv Arts & Media to Chicago Subtext today. At Natiiv, Leah teaches authors, musicians, actors and other creative professionals how to utilize social media professionally, which she previously discussed with ChicagoNow blogger Tim Jahn of Beyond the... Read more »

Postcard fiction: Zombies!

The competition was fierce in this week’s postcard-sized flash fiction challenge based on a photograph I took of a hacked road sign warning of zombies. But the winner is James Vest with the following: No wonder they died. They knew with enough time to put up a sign, and yet, all they did was put... Read more »

Postcard fiction writing prompt: zombies!

The last postcard-sized flash fiction writing challenge was such a hill of fun that I thought we’d do it again. The rules are the same: write short fiction about this photograph*, and make sure the complete piece is 100 words or less. Then, post it in the comments section. You have until noon tomorrow. Ready?... Read more »

And the postcard please....

You’ve tweeted, you’ve commented and the votes have been counted. Please give a round of applause to Edgar, who got the most votes in the Chicago Subtext postcard fiction challenge. Stay tuned for the next one, or, better yet, submit a photo to serve as the writing prompt for the next challenge.

Postcard fiction challenge finals

I issued a challenge, and that challenge was to write flash fiction based upon a very specific bottlecap photo. Readers dear, you are some talented folks, and picking top picks was positively painful. I recruited help, to keep things fair, and we still only narrowed it down to four entries. So, I’m turning to you!... Read more »

Postcard fiction writing prompt: bottlecap

Hemingway said a story could be written in a little as six words, and used the example “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” to make his case. In 100 words or less, write for us a postcard fiction story– that is, a micro-flash fiction story, a very, very short story, but a whole story– in... Read more »

John Hughes & location in storytelling

John Hughes has died. It’s an interesting moment to live here in Chicago. Hughes, who graduated from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook was so influenced and shaped by his experience as a teenager in Chicagoland’s North Shore that he featured the area in many of his films. While some writers and readers may argue... Read more »

Five Literary Tidbits

Literary links of late: This week we visit The Millions to visit an unusual review copy author-note and a Chicago-themed publication issue, consider the purpose of a book cover and rules for novel-writing and sign off with a great books list. Ready? 1. Advanced review copies of books often contain interesting notes and backstory of... Read more »