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Series A Reading @ Hyde Park Art Center

William Allegrezza is the founder and curator of Series A, an unique Hyde Park reading series and resource that vows to showcase experimental writing. The twist with this series is the discussion piece. The writers that they invite don’t only read their work, but they are also given the opportunity to discuss their work. Furthermore,... Read more »

Torn Pages Event @ OHNO!Doom

An event that is almost a full year in the making is final going to be a reality as curator Josh Lucas and OHNO!Doom Gallery team up for the first Torn Pages Show. The concept is to combine a handful of the city’s best writers and with a selection of the city’s brightest young artists.... Read more »

So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?

Todd Dills and his crew at THE2NDHAND have pretty much redefined both on-line and print literature in Chicago. Whether through their 33 broadsheets that they have printed and distributed since their inception in 2000 or through the frequently updated on-line prose, the site consistently has put forth a quality product. It is only fitting that... Read more »

Why Does Your Journal Say About You?

How much thought do you put into the selection of your journal? Searching through the clearance bins at the local big box bookstore I came across a wide variety of journals and notebooks. Everything from floral to a complex pattern of lines and shapes to maps for the traveling types to pages just for poets... Read more »