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The Future of Publishing, Reading (and Discussing)

This weekend, merrily geeking out on my latest issue of Wired magazine, I stumbled across an essay by Clive Thompson which was, interestingly enough, of the same topic of a panel on which I recently spoke at Printers Row Lit Fest. It’s a topic that abounds lately, the future of the book, the reader and... Read more »

The New v. Old Media Conversation, Naturally, Continues Though Still Rather Conservatively

Recently, an extremely minor yet extremely ungraceful fitness mishap caused yours truly to un-RSVP myself at the eleventh hour from a literary cocktail event at Maxim’s, hosted by the Chicago Cultural Center. Held just days after many of us involved in local lit saw one another at the newly-formed Chicago Literary Alliance inaugural meeting, Chicago... Read more »

Three Websites For Readers and Writers

By now, many of us know all about websites like Shelfari, Amazon, LibraryThing and GoodReads. If not, do take a moment and look into them. I’ll, ahem, wait right here while you add me to your network on each. However, there is a certain limit to what can be accomplished on these sites, as they... Read more »