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There is a discussion taking place tonight at The Book Cellar conducted by Alexander Aciman and Emmitt Rensin University of Chicago students and creatures of Twitterature, a collection of hypothetical “tweets” that reduce classic pieces of literature into an assembly of average-length Twitter updates. There collection is based on humor and almost highlights the absurdity... Read more »

Are you on bkkeepr?

I know you probably have your fill of social networks with Twitter, foursquare, Facebook, and so on, but there is a network out there designed for the reader. No, I am not talking about Goodreads (although that is a good one), but I am talking about bkkeepr. From the perspective of the book reviewer and... Read more »

Dan Brown's 'Lost' marketing opportunity

Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, is set for release on Tuesday and was described by Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos in a note on Amazon’s homepage last week as “one of the most anticipated publishing events of all time” and insists the company is keeping its stash of yet-released copies of the book “under 24-hour... Read more »