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J. Bradley Returns to Chicago

J. Bradley is returning to Chicago for a two reading taking place in early May. Bradley’s most recently collection, My Hands Are As Thick As Dreams was released by Caper Literary Journal back in January. Bradley will be reading at the next Encyclopedia Show at Vittum Theatre on May 4, 2011 at 7:30p.m. with the... Read more »

Tim Jones-Yelvington in Sequins

Tim Jones-Yelvington has lived up to his title as “The Lady Gaga of the Chicago Lit scene” on more than one occasion, and here we find him trying out the piece that he later performed at AWP 2011 in Colorado at The Whistler. Tim will be reading tomorrow night (4/27) at Beauty Bar Chicago as... Read more »

Re: Telling Edited by William Walsh

I was recently sent a new anthology edited by the wonderful author William Walsh. Re: Telling is an anthology of Borrowed Premises, Stolen Settings, Purloined Plots, and Appropriated Characters. The collection features stories by many of my favorite up and coming writers including Chicago’s Tim Jones-Yelvington and Kathleen Rooney. The collection tackles so many interesting... Read more »

"Comings Out" @ Rec Roomers

  The concept of “coming out” can mean something different everyone, and it seems like tonights reading at Rec Roomers will cover several of those meanings. To “come out” is essentially to declare who you are and what you intend do and be. All to often we over look that important step of declaring our... Read more »

What is Artifice?

Welcome to the Chicago zine scene Artifice Magazine. They are a non-profit literary magazine, published twice annually and they just released their first collection. This collection features some of the top writers around including Chicago’s Andrew Farkas and Tim Jones-Yelvington. In addition to the print publication Artifice is posting very funny bio’s on their website... Read more »