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Patrick Wensink brings his Kenny Rogers "Hate" to Chicago

Patrick Wensink brings his Kenny Rogers "Hate" to Chicago
Kentucky’s Patrick Wensink recently released his debut novel, and follow-up to 2009’s story collection Sex Dungeon For Sale, Black Hole Blues. The novel is the first sci-fi story that centers on a country western singer that I have ever read, and the way the story is told and how it unfolds is so impressive. The... Read more »

Pish Posh II, the sequel @ Saki

  This Saturday Another New Calligraphy is hosting its second installment of Pish Posh. This event marks the release of the new collection from Spencer Dew, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartes. The collection does not only feature the words of Dew and his focus search through grief and mourning, but it includes a DIY scale model of... Read more »

New Book from Spencer Dew

The local non-profit press and record label Another New Calligraphy announced this week that they will be releasing Spencer Dew’s new book. Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres is scheduled to come out on November 30th, and while is doesn’t sound like a big holiday buy it promises to be an interesting and intense read. ANC says it... Read more »