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Guest post: Online tools for readers and writers with Leah Jones, Natiiv Arts & Media founder

On the heels of this week’s literary smackdown over at ChicagoTribune.com, please welcome special guest Leah Jones of Natiiv Arts & Media to Chicago Subtext today. At Natiiv, Leah teaches authors, musicians, actors and other creative professionals how to utilize social media professionally, which she previously discussed with ChicagoNow blogger Tim Jahn of Beyond the... Read more »

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is out today. Discuss.

The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by author Dan Brown, was officially unveiled today in bookstores around Chicagoland and online. In a previous post, I discussed Brown’s promotion of the book on Twitter, and since so much of his attention seems to be in that area, I thought I’d follow-up to get some reactions on... Read more »

The questionable future of the book jacket

The future of book jackets is being discussed on NY Observer today, with special attention paid to such jacket-less books as No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, and The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott, a Chicago native, all due out in September. It’s a small thing, the book jacket, but... Read more »

Literary Chicago on Twitter

Chicago Breaking Tweets posted a cool list a few weeks ago of Chicago writers and authors on Twitter. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m included on the list because I gave Craig Kanalley the stink eye until he added me (Kidding! I’m a kidder). Ahem. Mashable has their own list of authors on Twitter,... Read more »

Digg Around: Recent Links of Literary Interest

A few items of literary interest have surfaced on Digg recently, which I thought I would pass along: Lydia Netzer, Norfolk’s Literary Examiner to our own Literary Examiner, Robert Duffer, compiled the ten words to make us sound intelligent in a book discussion, should we find ourselves at a loss. (Not that we would, but... Read more »

Printers Row: Chicago Subtext Author Interviews & a Chance to Vote

In a previous post, I mentioned I’d be giving you, readers dear, a behind the scenes look at Printers Row Lit Fest over the weekend and in the days that follow, but what we have yet to discuss is where, exactly, yours truly may be found during the festival weekend and what, precisely, it is... Read more »

HarperCollins' BookArmy Social Network and Recommendation Engine

You know me, always on the lookout for useful book websites. A few weeks ago, LifeHacker pointed to a site, BookArmy by HarperCollins, and I thought I’d share. With the goal that we’ll “never read a bad book again”, BookArmy offers reader-submitted reviews, virtual bookshelf sharing, and a social network of fellow readers. BookArmy has... Read more »