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Local Author Night Tonight @ Book Cellar

If you are looking for something literary to do tonight, stop by the Book Cellar at 7:00pm to hear a reading by local authors Kathleen Rooney, Cristina Henriquez (Come Together, Fall Apart and The World in Half), and Melanie Benjamin (Alice I Have Been). Kathleen is the author of a new collection of nonfiction essays,... Read more »

Sarah Blake @ Women and Children First

To hear Sarah Blake discuss the process of creating her latest novel The Postmistress it truly drives home the all-encompassing nature of the writing process. Although it is a work of fiction the novel pulls little pieces of information from her personal life, stories she was told, and the reality of our modern wars and... Read more »

Uncalled-for Reading Series

It’s seem every month there is a new reading series popping up, but I honestly feel that you can never have too many. Any venue that is willing to allow writers take that stage and share a thought is worthy of hosting a series. However, to be a good series you must have a good... Read more »

Scary reading from around the Web

To help usher in that scary, spooky, creepy Halloween feeling, here are some links to lists of top scary stories, compiled around the Web: Chicago Tribune’s 10 best horror graphic novels for Halloween gallery Amazon.com’s Top scariest books list CNN’s The scariest books of all time list GoodReads’ Best horror novels list Horror Writers Association’s... Read more »