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Independent Publishing Wiki

There is a new resource out there for writers, presses, and printers a like. Launched this month, the Indie Publishing Wiki promises to be the ultimate resource for the independent scene. Currently the categories available on the site are dedicated to Print mags, Online mags, Small and Mirco Presses, Community Support, promoting, and more, but... Read more »

So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?

Todd Dills and his crew at THE2NDHAND have pretty much redefined both on-line and print literature in Chicago. Whether through their 33 broadsheets that they have printed and distributed since their inception in 2000 or through the frequently updated on-line prose, the site consistently has put forth a quality product. It is only fitting that... Read more »

Barry Graham Coming to Quickies

The monthly reading series at Innertown Pub, Quickies, is among the finest and funniest in the city. Hosted by writers Mary Hamilton and Lindsey Hunter, the series always delivers a heavy dose of the cities finest in poetry and prose. This month is no exception as they bring Tim Jones-Yelvington, Robyn Pennacchyia, Jessi Lee Gaylord,... Read more »

Uncalled-for Reading Series

It’s seem every month there is a new reading series popping up, but I honestly feel that you can never have too many. Any venue that is willing to allow writers take that stage and share a thought is worthy of hosting a series. However, to be a good series you must have a good... Read more »