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Quintessential Chicago book list: Chicago sports books

Our ChicagoNow Bulls Confidential wrote recently about basketball-themed books, which serves as a marvelous segue: It’s time for the next segment of the 100 Quintessential Chicago Books List project. We kicked off the project with a list of classic Chicago novels. This time around, we’re talking sports books. So let’s hear it: What sports-oriented books... Read more »

Printers Row Lit Fest Wrap-Up

Great success in Colonel Tribune’s ChicagoNow booth at Printers Row Lit Fest this weekend in Chicago. I met a ton of people, saw did a series of live-stream author interviews on the spot for Chicago Subtext throughout the weekend and hung out with the ChicagoNow gang including staff and fellow ChicagoNow bloggers Jason Chin of... Read more »

Printers Row: Chicago Subtext Author Interviews & a Chance to Vote

In a previous post, I mentioned I’d be giving you, readers dear, a behind the scenes look at Printers Row Lit Fest over the weekend and in the days that follow, but what we have yet to discuss is where, exactly, yours truly may be found during the festival weekend and what, precisely, it is... Read more »