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"Tearing Down the Walls" Promotion

I have yet to complete my manuscript, but as the recipient of many I can see and understand the struggle. As a publisher I struggle with responding, I don’t want to send a form letter or an uncaring e-mail. I know the writers are looking for feedback, some kind of input, but what to say.... Read more »

"How To Publish A Book" Seminar

The landscape of publishing is changing almost daily. With the efficiency and growing acceptance of print-on-demand technology, the concept of a publisher is very different than what it once was. What makes a publisher worth submitting your manuscript to? There are many questions you need ask or have answered before sending off your words. It’s... Read more »


There is a discussion taking place tonight at The Book Cellar conducted by Alexander Aciman and Emmitt Rensin University of Chicago students and creatures of Twitterature, a collection of hypothetical “tweets” that reduce classic pieces of literature into an assembly of average-length Twitter updates. There collection is based on humor and almost highlights the absurdity... Read more »

Who else wants to talk about something beyond the Kindle?

Kindle, kindle, kindle! I don’t know about the rest of you, but in the place where lit and tech intersect, it seems that no conversation can happen anymore without a label of some variety being placed upon the Kindle. Kindle as blamestorm centerpiece, Kindle as savior, Kindle as tool of literary elite, Kindle as tool... Read more »

Knee-Jerk Magazine: The Subtext (Mega) Interview

Knee-Jerk, a new literary magazine in Chicago, was started in part by local writer Jon Fullmer. He excitedly explained the plan for the new publication to me back in early summer, and I remember taking note of the fact that Fullmer is not only well-aware that publishing has changed, but that he’s not concerned in... Read more »

Amazon Kindle: big brother is watching, and deleting books

Amazon Kindle, you’re not having a great week. On the heels of my post regarding a class-action lawsuit filed against Amazon, last night every legitimately-purchased copy of 1984 and Animal Farm were remotely deleted from Kindles. Hear that? That would be me, beating my head on my desk. The publisher of the Orwell titles had... Read more »

Five Literary Tidbits

Literary links of late: This week we visit The Millions to visit an unusual review copy author-note and a Chicago-themed publication issue, consider the purpose of a book cover and rules for novel-writing and sign off with a great books list. Ready? 1. Advanced review copies of books often contain interesting notes and backstory of... Read more »

The Future of Publishing, Reading (and Discussing)

This weekend, merrily geeking out on my latest issue of Wired magazine, I stumbled across an essay by Clive Thompson which was, interestingly enough, of the same topic of a panel on which I recently spoke at Printers Row Lit Fest. It’s a topic that abounds lately, the future of the book, the reader and... Read more »