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Series A Reading @ Hyde Park Art Center

William Allegrezza is the founder and curator of Series A, an unique Hyde Park reading series and resource that vows to showcase experimental writing. The twist with this series is the discussion piece. The writers that they invite don’t only read their work, but they are also given the opportunity to discuss their work. Furthermore,... Read more »

How do you promote a Chapbook?

I suppose the easy answer is contact Greg Lytle. Chicago poet Kathryn Regina released her latest collection I Am In The Air Right Now through Greying Ghost Press over the summer and I am still mesmerized by this video. What are some other creative ways to promote a chapbook?

The worst poetry in Chicago

Happy Bad Poetry Day! Yesterday, I asked readers to write the worst poem in Chicago and post it in the comments of yesterday’s post and we had a huge response of bad poetry! Who knew you had it in you, readers dear? The results were positively awful, and by awful, I mean awesome! Just take... Read more »

Bad Poetry Day: can you write Chicago's worst poem?

Photo/Torontoist Bad Poetry Day is tomorrow! To celebrate, I’m asking you, readers dear, to write me the worst poem in Chicago. The worst! I mean a really, really crummy poem. It can be sappy, it can be cheesy, it can be funny, it can be all of the above just as long as it is... Read more »

Chicago Literary Events This Weekend

On Thursday, May 28th, before the weekend even arrives, yours truly will be at the fundraiser held by local publisher, Switchback Books at Irish Eyes (2519 N. Lincoln Ave.). Is there a reading taking place? No. Are tickets being sold in advance? Nope. Is there cover? Nay. The editorial staff of Switchback will be playing... Read more »