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Barry Graham hits Chicago in the face

Barry Graham hits Chicago in the face
In Nothing or Next to Nothing, the debut novella from Barry Graham, the reader finds himself transported to the roughest parts of Michigan. He begins to see life through the eyes and memories of Derek, a restaurant owner, brother, stoner, and more. He is travelling from Ohio to New Jersey to find his sister Daisy.... Read more »

Under The Small Lights

“Corinna leafed her fingers along the surface of the water like an actress playing languorous.” That is the first line from the debut novel, Under The Small Lights (May, 2010 Miami University Press), from Boston’s John Cotter. I’ve only had the book in my hands for the about 36 hours, but already I am riveted.... Read more »

Orange Alert and So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?

This Sunday you can get two quality readings for the price of, well for free. The Whistler has arranged to have a doubleheader of readings on the third Sunday of each month. First they have their original reading series, The Orange Alert Reading Series at 6pm. This month they have the following, Ben Tanzer, Brandon... Read more »