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The Funhouse Reading

“When I die, the ground will be like, ‘Uh, seat’s taken bro” and I will go unburied.”   Yes, those are the words of Sam Pink from his debut collection I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Clone And Eat It (Paper Hero Press, 2008). Sam’s work is wildly unpredictable, child-like at times,... Read more »

Literary Death Match Chicago Ep. 4

If you have ever met Todd Zuniga, Creator of Literary Death Match, there is no question why his events are so wildly successful. He is the editor of Opium Magazine, and a born entertainer. On January 14th he will bring his Literary Death Match format to Chicago for the fourth time and has assembled four... Read more »

Uncalled-for Reading Series

It’s seem every month there is a new reading series popping up, but I honestly feel that you can never have too many. Any venue that is willing to allow writers take that stage and share a thought is worthy of hosting a series. However, to be a good series you must have a good... Read more »

Plans for V-Day

I know we just finished celebrating the Holidays, but I was reminded by an e-mail yesterday that Valentines Day is just around the corner. Poppy Coleman and The Whistler in Logan Square are hosting their annual Erotic Fiction Contest again this year. All you have to do to enter the contest is come with your... Read more »

Women & Children First's Top Sellers

When you go to the website for the book seller Women & Children First the slogan reads “Shop as Independently as You Think”. It’s a motto to live by and applies not just to books but to everything you purchase. So, with that spirit is mind we will check in with this local seller each... Read more »