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Printers Row Preview Sunday Edition

Looking through the events scheduled for day two (June 13th) of Printers Row I’ve found two events that I find fascinating and useful, but unfortunately they are schedule for the same time. This always happens at some point during a festival and at 4pm there are two valuable discussions taking place. On the Center Stage... Read more »

The Awful Possibilities @ The Whistler

Tonight’s event at The Whistler is to celebrate the latest Featherproof books release, The Awful Possibilities by Christian TeBordo. You can read a sample from the book here. However, I want to talk a little about another writer reading tonight. The name Jeff Parker, when spoken in Chicago, has a very distinct meaning, but this... Read more »

Literary Death Match Pt. 5

If you missed the first four Literary Death Matches hosted here in Chicago you have another chance on April 1st. The event always features three all-star judges and this time around they have recruited Zach Dodson (featherproof books), hilaritress Cameron Esposito, and Trap Door Theatre’s Tiffany Joy Ross. Hosted by Opium’s energetic Todd Zuniga &... Read more »

Fictional Slim's

The rumors were finally confirmed yesterday by an image posted by Zach Dodson of Featherproof Books. The new project from Lindsay Hunter of Quickies fame is a collection of 20 “Slim Fictions” collected inside a box resembling a cigarette box. It’s brilliant and beautiful, and if you have ever read the word on Lindsay Hunter... Read more »

Write Club @ Prop

The first rule of Write Club is nobody talks about the Write Club. On Jan 29th a group of writers will square off in a series of battles that will result in the audience deciding the champ. Hosted by Ian Belknap, Write Club will feature Jenny Magnus (Curious Theatre Branch); Jonathan Messinger (Featherproof Books, Dollar... Read more »