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Build up love for 2010

It’s a great slogan from a local charity that few people can find a reason not to love and support. Open Books, a nonprofit social venture that operates an bookstore, provides community programs, and mobilizes passionate volunteers to promote literacy in Chicago and beyond, just found out that they are in the final round of... Read more »

Shepherd's Check

As I stood in a twenty-minute line at the post office last week to pick up a package that had cost over six dollars to send, I began to think about two things. First, the inflated price of postage, but more importantly how much I enjoy getting mail. From letters to magazines to chapbooks to... Read more »

Harold Washington Library: On the ugly list

Blair Kamin of Chicago Tribune‘s CityScapes reported that Travel & Leisure has named our very own Harold Washington Library as one of the world’s ugliest buildings. What do you think? Does our library deserve to be on this list? Comments are open.