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National book month kicks off with anniversary of Golden Books (remember them?)

Today marks the first day of National Book Month, so it’s like kid-in-candy-store mode here at Subtext. Know what else it is, speaking of kids? Not Chicago, but in nearby Wisconsin, the first twelve Golden Books were first introduced by Western Printing Company on this day in 1942. Remember Golden Books? Which was your favorite?... Read more »

Uncomfortable literary plot summaries

Monkey Muck, a blog I’ve followed for quite a long time now, wrote this hilarious post of uncomfortable literary plot summaries. I particularly like, “The Razor’s Edge: Upper class British twit gets sick of drinking and partying and discovers Buddhism” and “The World According to Garp: Wrestling obsessed writer with a one-eyed son befriends transsexual... Read more »

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is out today. Discuss.

The Lost Symbol, the latest novel by author Dan Brown, was officially unveiled today in bookstores around Chicagoland and online. In a previous post, I discussed Brown’s promotion of the book on Twitter, and since so much of his attention seems to be in that area, I thought I’d follow-up to get some reactions on... Read more »

Oprah, Chicago readers think you'll never read this book

Oprah is filming on Michigan Avenue today. On the street below, people are gathering to watch, a few clutching copies of books about Oprah, by Oprah and books I recognized as titles from her book club, in hopes, I presume, of stealing a moment with her to ask for her autograph. Can you imagine being... Read more »

Oprah's bookclub: a new direction?

I sat down to write about the fiasco which occurred a handful of years ago between Oprah Winfrey and Jonathan Franzen, a fiasco in which the author wasn’t as over the moon as Oprah would have liked about her endorsement of his book, and was dis-invited from appearing on her show. (To be fair, the... Read more »

The questionable future of the book jacket

The future of book jackets is being discussed on NY Observer today, with special attention paid to such jacket-less books as No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, and The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott, a Chicago native, all due out in September. It’s a small thing, the book jacket, but... Read more »

Digg Around: Recent Links of Literary Interest

A few items of literary interest have surfaced on Digg recently, which I thought I would pass along: Lydia Netzer, Norfolk’s Literary Examiner to our own Literary Examiner, Robert Duffer, compiled the ten words to make us sound intelligent in a book discussion, should we find ourselves at a loss. (Not that we would, but... Read more »