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Postmodernist lit: so pomo

Postmodernist literature is, by nature, complex to define and in trying to so categorize a given title as such, it’s all too easy to succumb to a series of strange debates and contradictions. This we know and this we accept. But, because the criteria is often so unclear, it’s also, unfortunately, one of those terms... Read more »

Rejection Letters on Display

Rejection letter recipients of Chicagoland, rejoice! As if this past weekend’s rejection letter shred-and-catapult wasn’t fun enough, now, truly absurd rejection letters can be cause for online publication on a blog-gem I stumbled across recently called Literary Rejects on Display. I’ll let the blog speak for itself, but I would like to point to a... Read more »

Awful Library Books Blog

Awful Library Books is a light-hearted blog chronicling exactly what the name implies– hilariously awful titles found in public libraries. My personal favorite entry is “Parents are, like, sooo lame!” which discusses a 1959 teenager’s field guide for navigating life and includes such topics as “What Ever Made Me Say Such Things?” and “The Unmentionable... Read more »