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Series A Reading @ Hyde Park Art Center

William Allegrezza is the founder and curator of Series A, an unique Hyde Park reading series and resource that vows to showcase experimental writing. The twist with this series is the discussion piece. The writers that they invite don’t only read their work, but they are also given the opportunity to discuss their work. Furthermore,... Read more »

Criminal Class Review

” Uphold a full intake of scum, for the lack of a better term, in order to transcend the gap between song and story.” That is the first sentence of the mission statement of The Criminal Class Press, a bi-annual journal based in three separate cities, but a with a heavy presence here in Chicago. They... Read more »

So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?

Todd Dills and his crew at THE2NDHAND have pretty much redefined both on-line and print literature in Chicago. Whether through their 33 broadsheets that they have printed and distributed since their inception in 2000 or through the frequently updated on-line prose, the site consistently has put forth a quality product. It is only fitting that... Read more »

Barry Graham Coming to Quickies

The monthly reading series at Innertown Pub, Quickies, is among the finest and funniest in the city. Hosted by writers Mary Hamilton and Lindsey Hunter, the series always delivers a heavy dose of the cities finest in poetry and prose. This month is no exception as they bring Tim Jones-Yelvington, Robyn Pennacchyia, Jessi Lee Gaylord,... Read more »

The Funhouse Reading

“When I die, the ground will be like, ‘Uh, seat’s taken bro” and I will go unburied.”   Yes, those are the words of Sam Pink from his debut collection I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Clone And Eat It (Paper Hero Press, 2008). Sam’s work is wildly unpredictable, child-like at times,... Read more »

Literary Death Match Chicago Ep. 4

If you have ever met Todd Zuniga, Creator of Literary Death Match, there is no question why his events are so wildly successful. He is the editor of Opium Magazine, and a born entertainer. On January 14th he will bring his Literary Death Match format to Chicago for the fourth time and has assembled four... Read more »

Uncalled-for Reading Series

It’s seem every month there is a new reading series popping up, but I honestly feel that you can never have too many. Any venue that is willing to allow writers take that stage and share a thought is worthy of hosting a series. However, to be a good series you must have a good... Read more »

Chicago Literary Events This Weekend

On Thursday, May 28th, before the weekend even arrives, yours truly will be at the fundraiser held by local publisher, Switchback Books at Irish Eyes (2519 N. Lincoln Ave.). Is there a reading taking place? No. Are tickets being sold in advance? Nope. Is there cover? Nay. The editorial staff of Switchback will be playing... Read more »

Chicago Reading Series Events This Week

Sunday, May 3rd A great bet tonight is the Mortified series, 7:30pm at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont Ave., which is all about adults reading diaries, letters and other writing from their teenage years. Does it get better? Could this series have a more fitting title? No and no. $15. Monday, May 4th While Weeds... Read more »