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Walt Whitman's Sole

On Sunday, West Virginia’s Scott McClanahan was in town and reading at The Whistler. He put on a 20 plus minute performance that included two stories from his Stories II collection (Six Gallery Press), a magic trick, a traditional poem, and a crowd-assisted version of “The Long Black Veil”. It was truly an event in... Read more »

Facebook Fairytales

Once upon a time I, like many of you, felt that Facebook was just another way to waste a little, play a few games, and shamelessly self promote. Until one day a relative from a side of my family that I know very little about reached out and begin to share information. She shared stories,... Read more »

Why Does Your Journal Say About You?

How much thought do you put into the selection of your journal? Searching through the clearance bins at the local big box bookstore I came across a wide variety of journals and notebooks. Everything from floral to a complex pattern of lines and shapes to maps for the traveling types to pages just for poets... Read more »