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Uncomfortable literary plot summaries

Monkey Muck, a blog I’ve followed for quite a long time now, wrote this hilarious post of uncomfortable literary plot summaries. I particularly like, “The Razor’s Edge: Upper class British twit gets sick of drinking and partying and discovers Buddhism” and “The World According to Garp: Wrestling obsessed writer with a one-eyed son befriends transsexual... Read more »

Five pirate books for the perverted reader

The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper Pirate Red Rover takes a young man and two women prisoner until a battle with another pirate. As an added bonus, interesting phrases such as “we have been rubbing up recollections on the cruise” appears, in this case in reference to sitting up late at night with a... Read more »

Depression-Era Books & The New Literary Tough Guy

Admittedly, I have a major fascination with both history, particularly the Great Depression, and zeitgeist phenomena, especially as it relates to  consumer behavior surrounding books and films. Couple that with my general enthusiasm for and devotion to literature, and one can only imagine my excitement when I flipped on the radio to hear an NPR... Read more »

The Worst Mothers In Literature: A List-In-Progress

On a weekend when many of us are sending our own mothers love and gratitude, I overheard two women, clearly sisters, in Wrigleyville’s Bookworks bookstore loudly begrudging having to shop for a Mother’s Day gift, complaining about their mother then agreeing she was “the worst ever.” Ever? Though I’ve no proof their mother isn’t completely... Read more »