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New Featherproof Mini-books

Earlier this month Featherproof Books released two new free printable mini-books. They have been releasing these little well-designed gems for a while now and the new editions are by Patrick Sommerville and Mary Miller. “The Miniature version of The Universe in Miniature in Miniature” is the first story from the new story collection from Patrick... Read more »

Shepherd's Check

As I stood in a twenty-minute line at the post office last week to pick up a package that had cost over six dollars to send, I began to think about two things. First, the inflated price of postage, but more importantly how much I enjoy getting mail. From letters to magazines to chapbooks to... Read more »

Harold Washington Library: On the ugly list

Blair Kamin of Chicago Tribune‘s CityScapes reported that Travel & Leisure has named our very own Harold Washington Library as one of the world’s ugliest buildings. What do you think? Does our library deserve to be on this list? Comments are open.

Bookshelf system: How does your library go?

October is National Book Month, and today, I want to talk about how we store our books on our bookshelves. More specifically, I want to see your books on your bookshelves. This weekend, I had an interesting conversation about both creative types of bookstorage (inspiration?) and the many ways people arrange their bookshelves. By color,... Read more »

The meeting of books and decor

Walk into the home of a reader or writer and you’ll know it right away. Our books aren’t exactly an afterthought. Personally, I have books on my nightstand, books on my living room shelves, books in my home office, books on kitchen shelves and books lining the dining room buffet cabinet. Do I decorate with... Read more »

Book Porn: Look at Book (Updated)

I’m not going to do justice to this very simple idea which had such a stunning result that is the book in Look at Book, but, in short, a group of artists mailed a book back and forth between Brooklyn and Belfast for about a year. The artists would receive the book, create a spread... Read more »