Literary Links

  1. A review of Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter
  2. Sam Pink Interviewed
  3. Ride The Lightning by Victor David Giron
  4. Poetry Slam Turns 25
  5. Stephen Tully Dierks to release three ebooks over the next 90 days.
  6. Kathryn Regina (and many other fine writers) in Pear Noir #6.
  7. We Were All Here” by Ben Tanzer
  8. An interview with Benjamin Von Loon of Anobium.
  9. Scott Garson reviews “Betty Superman” by Tiff Holland.
  10. Pop Serial was highlighted in the Guide to Hipster Internet Writers.
  11. Roxanne Gay on They Could No Longer Contain Themselves.
  12. Roggenbuck extends his “Vlog Lief“.

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