Review: The Hogbutcher Poems by David Stone

Review: The Hogbutcher Poems by David Stone

It may not be the Chicago that I recognized today, but David Stone’s depiction of Chicago as the “the hogbutcher of the world” is of course familiar. Stone brings to light the dark and classic images, tastes, and aromas of the classic Chicago scene. Words that appear most often are possibly the words you might expect; corridors, oily, steel, stockyards, jazz, boiled, machinery, beer, etc. These poems takes place around town on Division, on the Oak St bridge, but in the more vague Chicago in general.

In The Hogbutcher Poems, Stone manages to take a classic look at the city, but adds a freshness to the collection. I say freshness carefully because it is not a modern feel, but more of a new pespective. There is a certain amount of grit in these these pieces that is indeniably Chicago.

The Hogbutcher Poems was released in May by Leah Angstman’s Propaganda Press.

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