What I Will Tell My Jewish Kids

What I Will Tell My Jewish Kids

Kevin Coval, a legend in Chicago performance poetry and vital part of young Chicago authors, has released a new free album of poetry called What I Will Tell My Jewish Kids. Coval has such a great delivery and always delivers biting and effective words.

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  • No comment if this is just a plug for what someone else would tell his Jewish kids.

  • It's a rather powerful piece of poetry. I wonder what kind of response Coval is getting from the Jewish community. Not too many people know the difference between being anti-zionist and being anti-semitic. If Coval wasn't Jewish and had written / performed the exact same words, I'm sure he would be ostracized.

  • In reply to chicagopoetry:

    It is even a challenging but fulfilling listen for someone who is not Jewish. I felt like I shouldn't be listening to it, but I couldn't stop. It is raw and honest, and I feel it is an important collection.

  • Your master will be displeased with you that you robbed him so. I can feel the darkness in your heart.

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