Review: Jason Fisk "Decay"


Back in March Propaganda Press released a new collection of poetry from Jason Fisk called Decay. In this collection a we find a series of childhood memories that pay homage to the poet’s grandparents. Through these pieces we see how the decay of a neighborhood can impact a family and a memory. I feel when put together these tell a tale that so many have experienced. As neighborhoods grow and change so does the feel, the look, and at times the overall safety. The Grandparent’s now find themselves living in a world that isn’t what it used to be.

“I was born in this neighborhood and I’m gonna die in this neighborhood.”

However, it also addresses the decay of the body. Whether through disease or just over time the body is also going to slow down and begin to fail form time to time. This can be incredibly hard to handle, and in the collection the Grandfather finds himself alone after so many years. It shows how death can be exhausting and it is only magnified when decay is present all around you. The Grandfather takes it hard, and he takes it out on the people around him.  The collection shows the struggles of life both internal and external. 

This is a big year for Jason, not only has he released decay, but his new full-length collection The Fierce Crackle of the Fragile Wing is now available through Six Gallery Press. He will also have a collection of flash fiction published by CCLaP next month.

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