Review: You Can Make Him Like You by Ben Tanzer


The third novel from Ben Tanzer, You Can Make Him Like You (Artistically Declined), is a coming of age story for the near middle-aged Republican living and working in one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. The story is told through the eyes of a 37 year old soon-to-be-father who constantly obsesses about other women, and at times comes very close to being with other women. Yet, at the end of the day he is in love with wife, but not ready to be father.

Essentially, Tanzer is exposing the secret inner thoughts of a man as he tries to adopt, grow, move at a reasonable pace through life. At times you relate, and at others you are shocked and embarrassed. This is a honest look at the process every father goes through on some level. It shows the importance of friends, family, and even a good life soundtrack.

You Can Make Him Like You is a novel for fans of John McCain, The Hold Steady, Chicago White Sox, Twitter, High School Musical, PBR, Diane Lane, Perez Hilton, John Hamm, Vic Mackey, and so much more!

Below is Ben’s first reading for You Can Make Him like You here in Chicago, and it gives a full overview and sense of the scope of this great novel.

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