Re: Telling Edited by William Walsh


I was recently sent a new anthology edited by the wonderful author William Walsh. Re: Telling is an anthology of Borrowed Premises, Stolen Settings, Purloined Plots, and Appropriated Characters. The collection features stories by many of my favorite up and coming writers including Chicago’s Tim Jones-Yelvington and Kathleen Rooney. The collection tackles so many interesting topics from how many times did Super Mario die (Matt Bell) or a day in the life of David Lynch (Blake Butler). The plots are presenting through prose, poetry and art.

Tim’s story is “Law & Order: Viewers Like Us” and it is the first story the I ever heard read. It is a hilliarious retelling of Law & Order if the story about the people who watched Law & Order instead of its typical subject matter. I was so happy to see it in this collection.

Here is the full list of writers picked by William Walsh: Matt Bell, Alicia Gifford, Michael Martone, Daniel Grandbois, Darcie Dennigan, Peter Connors, Jim Ruland, Samantha Hunt, Blake Butler, Tom La Farge, Shya Scanlon, Pedro Ponce, Crispin Best, Erin Fitzgerald, J. Bradley, Molly Gaudry, Steve Himmer, Josh Maday, Henry Jenkins, Michael Kimball, Corey Mesler, Roxane Gay, Timothy Gager, Heather Fowler, Joseph Riippi, Wendy Walker, Zachary Mason, Curtis Smith, Jeff Brewer, Kathleen Rooney and Lily Hoang, with original artwork by Teresa Buzzard.

Re: Telling was released by Ampersand Books on March 5th.

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