Books to Download during the Snowapocalypse


Are you planning to stay home from work or school tomorrow? Instead of being sucked into daytime TV you should warm up the e-reader, iPad or laptop and download a few books. Here are five books I recommend you read during tonight and tomorrow’s “Snowapocalypse”. 

1. The Man With Two Arms by Billy Lombardo: Nothing better than a taste of summer in a snow storm. When do pitchers and catcher report? 
2. The Slide by Kyle Beachy: Not only does his name “Beachy” sound summery, his debut novel takes place over a summer in St. Louis.
 3. The Consequence of Skating by Steven Gillis: This one will bring you down and lift you back up.
 4. The Universe in Miniature in Miniature by Patrick Sommerville: You’ll miss a lot of cool design elements, but if you’re snowed in why not download it.

5. Daring To Eat A Peach by Joseph Zeppetello: Winter can make you feel stuck and a Snowapocalypse can literary make you stuck. Joe’s debut novel is about being stuck and the conflicting forces that shape our daily lives.

Stay warm and read a book!

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