The Last Annual Midwest Pop-Up Bookshop


It is always hard to shop for the literary indie hipster on your list, but many of the independent presses and bookstores in town have come together to offer up a solution. As part of the cross-country Indie Lit Roadshow on December 12th, The Last Annual Midwest Pop-Up Bookshop will take place at The Green Lantern Gallery/The Paper Cave (2542 W. Chicago Ave., Storefront) from 10am to 10pm. In honor of the venture there will be a ribbon un-cutting, and Artifice Magazine’s papier-mâché cave, which the curious can crawl inside to hear some of the best in Chicago readings.

Here is a list of who is involved: Featherproof Books, Green Lantern Press, Artifice Magazine and Knee-Jerk Magazine are joined by participants Quimbys, Hobart, Poetry, The Book Cellar, Another Chicago Magazine, Rose Metal Press, THE2NDHAND, Dzanc, Make Magazine, Other Voices Books, The Encyclopedia Show, Sara Ranchouse, Vouched Books, The Paper Cave, The Show ‘n Tell Show, Golden Age, PANK, and Stop Smiling Books.


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