Shame That Tune Tonight

 Are you looking for a fun, semi-literary, semi-musical event to attend this weekend? Brian Costello (author of The Enchanters vs. Sprawlburg Springs) and Abraham Levitan (keyboardist/vocalist of Baby Teeth) started a new live game show last month that involves personal diary entries and music. Here is how it works, On “Shame That Tune,” there are three contestants. Each will first spin a “Wheel of Fortune”-style wheel, divided into musical sub-genres (e.g., “Bob Dylan’s Christian Phase,” “Keith Richards solo,” “Led Zeppelin III”). The contestant then tells an embarrassing anecdote, no more than three minutes in length (timed by a giant LED clock), from their high-school or junior-high diary. Costello then interviews the contestant for exactly five minutes while Levitan composes, on the spot, a song about the embarrassing anecdote, in the style of the musical sub-genre that came up on the wheel. The winner is determined by applause based on audience response to his/her story and the resulting song; he/she will be rewarded with generous gifts from local businesses.

 Shame That Tune takes place at The Hideout tonight (July 2nd) at 6:30pm. It will be their special patriotic edition

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