Quickies! Tomorrow


A quality line-up from the Quickies! crew is almost expected, but this week’s line-up goes above and beyond. Quickies! takes place at the Innertown Pub (1935 W. Thomas St.) this Tuesday at 7:30pm, and is hosted by Mary Hamilton and Lindsay Hunter. The line-up is as follows: Davis Schneiderman (whose book Drain I hope to be reading soon), Alex Bonner (Storyslam Champ), Jason Bredle (Smiles of the Unstoppable ) , Barry Graham (National Virginity Pledge), Elizabeth Ellen, Chris Bower, James Todd Adcox (Artifice), Jill Summers, and Devin King (Clops). Unbelievable! Each writer gets four minutes and then they are whistled off the stage. It should be an exciting night.

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