Lists, Lists, and More Lists


It’s a fact that the internet loves lists and there have been several interesting literary lists surfacing over the last few weeks. The most relevant to this site would be New City’s Lit 50. The list is a who’s who of Chicago lit and features the names of 50 of the top movers and shakers in the city. Of course, just as with any list there are some names that you could be disputed, but it will never be perfect. I was happy to see Gina Frangello, Patrick Sommerville, Billy Lombardo, and Zach Dodson all on this list.

The next list I found was the disappointing New Yorker’s 20 under 40. I know it is hard with a list of just 20 names, but this list it seemed very New York heavy to me.

The Millions have also released a 20 under 40 list and I know Dzanc Books is working one as well. On The Millions list I was happy to find both Jesse Ball and Joe Meno. Oh, don’t forget to check out Blake Butler’s 400 under 1!

Maybe there should be a Subtext 20 under 40?

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