Everything is Everything


New York’s Cristin O’keefe Aptowcz has arrived in Chicago and will be celebrating the release of her latest collection of poems and stories, Everything is Everything (Write Bloody Publishing) tonight at Quimby’s. She will also be reading at the Encyclopedia Show this Wednesday. Here is my review of Everything is Everything.

When Cristin O’Keefe Aptowcz says “everything” she means everything. What is so remarkable about her latest collection of poems is that her life is not all that remarkable, and she likes it that way. I mean when she is not writing about all of the harm man has inflicted on animals over the years (crack squirrels or giraffes trained to rape), she captures the commonplace with humor and wit. From office dynamics to subway stereotypes to the typical life of a writer, she shares this experiences that many have shared, but in a way that only a few can. She has a lot of questions, but for the most part she seems happy with the choices she had made and the path she has taken. The readers should also be happy that Cristin has read too many books, attended too few parties, and has experienced just enough to be dangerous.

For me I think it also helps that she has spent some time in Chicago and in general understands the city. However, her observations on the eating habits of Chicagoans are not completely accurate, but still a funny generalization. The point is that between her memories from Pennsylvania her time in Chicago and her current life in New York she can make connections on many different levels. Yet at it’s core it is a book for nerds, history buffs, fans of government, and even those who get the slightest thrill from bestiality. So take a minute and enter the welcoming and familiar world of Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz and check out her fifth collection Everything is Everything.

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