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Dominique Holmes recently sent me here recently published collection of drawings. This was remarkable for two reasons, the incredible drawing in this thin chap and because she sent it all the way from Jamaica. After I finished examining the goats, kites, and landscapes contained in Strays & Salvage, I went back to the beginning and saw it was published by the local press Parking Block Publishing. This new press currently has only released a handful of limited run art zines, but as I found out in my conversation with editor Tim Pigott the press will branch out into fiction this year. Here is my interview with Tim.


Chicago Subtext (CS): Where do you feel Parking Block Press fits in to the overall zine culture in Chicago?

Tim Pigott (TP): I hope that Parking Block can introduce some artists who aren’t part of the zine scene in Chicago. It gives them an opportunity to get their art out in a unique way to a receptive audience. Maybe this will inspire them to make their own zines or to start their own press or at least to check out some other zine artists.

CS: Your first four zines are so cool and well done. How did you decide who you were going work with?

TP: All the artists on Parking Block are friends. That’s a good starting point. Some of them I met by exchanging art in the mail, others I’ve met through skateboarding, others are have been suggested to me. I hope that this is a good way for people to be introduced to their work.

CS: What types of products and who are you working with in 2010?

TP: This year Parking Block will continue trying to put out awesome art zines and branch out into some photography and some fiction. There may also be some other limited run hand crafted objects, possibly some bookmarks or hats or a thermos. Upcoming artists on deck include: Alex Cohen, Porous Walker, Nicholas Peterson, Isaac McKay-Randoozi and Christopher Smith. A few of those should be finished and available in mid-February.

CS: Your zines are available at Quimby’s currently, do you plan to branch out this year?

TP: There are a few stores we are trying to get our zines into this year. I’m really glad to have them at Quimby’s. That’s an international zine mecca. I haven’t really focused on getting them in too many stores because I’m really happy with the online component of distribution. I love being able to personally pack all the envelopes and throw in some random fun surprises. I love getting things in the mail so I hope to keep that as a key element of Parking Block.

For more information on Parking Block Publishing and to purchase any of their zines please visit their site.

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